Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Reduce your Total Fuel Costs

Stop paying your drivers to fuel your trucks at cardlocks or retail sites. Our on-site fuel delivery program keeps your drivers moving and serving your customers. We bring the fuel right to you, anytime, anywhere, which eliminates unnecessary driver down time and saves you money on total fuel costs.

Drivers no longer need to carry credit cards or badges which improves security and dramatically reduces accounting costs and paperwork associated with purchasing fuel at retail sites or cardlocks.

Total Fuel Costs

Fuel product costs account for approximately 66% of total fuel costs. Here’s the breakdown:

Our on-site fuel delivery program offers ways to minimize the non-fuel costs as itemized above.

This illustration does not take into consideration capital and annual maintenance expenditures if on-site tanks are part of your current business model.

Calculating the Cost of Driver Down Time

Calculating the cost of truck driver down time is important in determining your actual fuel costs.

The simple example illustrates some of the hidden costs of obtaining your own fuel:

Driver’s Hourly Rate (Wage and Benefits) = $25

Average Fuel Fill Up Time = 20 minutes

Average Tractor Trailer Fill Up = 200 Litres

Total Cost of Downtime Fueling = 4.2¢ Per Litre

If you multiply the cost of driver down time fueling by the number of units and days, the costs add up to a significant amount.

The time lost to fuel your fleet can be converted to productive time with our on-site fuel delivery program.

To calculate the amount it currently costs you to get your own fuel, try our Savings Calculator.