Iberic Oil utilizes specialized fuel management software to control and track the amount of fuel that is pumped into your fleet of vehicles and equipment. Our refueling model allows for the fuel driver to scan a barcode on each unit and store the corresponding delivered volume. This creates a fully detailed ticket and invoice for you, where refueling data for each serviced unit is presented.

The data is made available to you through reports that are available on our secure website. These reports will allow you to track your fuel consumption by vehicle or units and view your fuel transactions and fuel costs over a period of time.

We provide you with access to tools on our secure website so you can control and manage your fuel costs and consumption. You will receive reports, which act as a valuable data source so you can perform cost analysis, vehicle service scheduling, etc.

GPS is incorporated into our vehicles and are part of our approach to ensuring there are strong controls over truck and fuel activity as it occurs on your site.

All the control measures outlined above will help mitigate the chance of theft and irregularities.